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We want to support the wonderful stores who carry our products, but if you can’t get the products you want at your local store, please order directly from us. Choose below from our six granolas made with organic ingredients and two gluten-free granolas. (A note about shipping costs.)

Click here to purchase by the case (12 packages of one flavor) and receive a 10% discount.


We wish we could afford to offer free shipping, but frankly, the shipping costs would just be hidden in the cost of the product. Chappaqua Crunch doesn’t do that, because we think it’s important to be transparent with our customers.

But we know it’s a drag to pay for shipping, so we’re giving you a deal: we’ll split the cost of shipping with you. We’ll pay 50%, you’ll pay 50%.

Shipping costs vary by zip code and weight of order. To find out the exact cost of shipping, you can use our shipping cost calculator after adding granola to your cart.

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