Illustration of the tasty, healthy, environmentally-friendly ingredients in Chappaqua Crunch Granola


Chappaqua Crunch Granola is baked by in small batches, using only natural ingredients – whole grain, organically-grown OR gluten-free and other ingredients, with and . We NEVER use any artificial ingredients, trans fats, or preservatives. All our granolas are wheat-free and peanut-free and most varieties are .

I choose the best-tasting, healthiest, and most environmentally friendly ingredients I can find.

Organic. We use organic ingredients whenever possible. We believe in organic agriculture because it’s better for the soil, the environment, the farmers, and you.

Oats. Oats are the main ingredient in our granola – duh! We use custom-rolled oats that are thicker and crunchier than regular oats. Oats contain a unique fiber, beta glucan, that can actually help lower cholesterol. Whole grain rolled oats are also a complex carbohydrate, so they keep you feeling full longer and provide a long-lasting source of energy. The oats we use in our packaged granolas are either certified organic or GF.

Almonds. We use really small whole roasted almonds from California. Almonds from California must be pasteurized before shipping, either by steam processing or Propylene Oxide (aka PPO). We only use almonds that are steam pasteurized.

Fruit. We use Massachusetts-grown cranberries and raisins from California. And we use freeze-dried pomegranate, bananas, raspberries and blueberries because they’re very clean ingredients – nothing added.

Sweeteners. We use a combination of sweeteners in our granolas which include unbleached cane sugar, organic honey, maple syrup and brown rice syrup. Not a lot, though…

  • We think brown rice syrup, which is a low glycemic sweetener, is the perfect complement for vanilla. Maple syrup, while quite delicious, is very expensive and we didn’t want to be the most expensive granola on the shelf, so we combine it with dried cane syrup and organic honey. Unbleached cane sugar is less processed than white sugar. (Ever wonder how sugar gets to be white?)
  • Organic honey is a must for any product to be Non-GMO Project Verified. Our organic honey comes from Brazil. The bees are like free range chickens – they’re well cared for and lead happy bee lives. The regulations for certified organic honey are strict; the hives must be surrounded by 5 miles of certified organic cropland in all directions.

Non GMO Project Verification: earning the certification involves quite a bit of work, because so many ingredients may be genetically modified. Canola is one of the top three GMO crops; the other 2 are corn and soy. The U.S. is one of the few developed countries that does NOT require labelling for GMO foods. Our canola oil is also Expeller pressed. This is a mechanical process for extracting oil from canola seeds which avoids the chemical solvents and high temperatures that are often found in industrial processing.